Tutorials and novelties, preferably in the field of power witching and converting or generic components and circuits that can also be found in that field.

There is a YouTube channel with the same name and same type of content. The website and channel content link to each.


The world is changing fast when it comes to the energy-transition. We ourselves can do a lot to help by using batteries and smart switching of heavy energy consumers.

Unfortunately, the market seems to develop in the same way as it did for solar panels. Yes you can buy, but we do the installation. And I hate that, I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an installation I can not modify to my specific needs.

So I started thinking about home-automation, but focused more on electricity. Simple to use tools that can interact if you like. And if that sort of thing can become a business for me.


The article above is of a simple product I made that can switch my water heater off at expensive hours. And I have many other great ideas. But how do I sell them?


So I went googling around trying to figure out if a crowdfunding campaign would be an option. Turned out that you need to bring your own audience if you want a fair change of getting it of the ground.

And now we are here, present time. I started creating content again, as I have done before.

I think it will take at least two years to get some attention on the internet again. But it will be worth it.

If my content is full of useful information then development of solutions can be (partly) community driven by people who I understand and understand me. This will shorten the development times greatly. And lead to al sorts of solutions and products I would have never thought of.

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