Collage pic with KIV image viewer

collage pic

With the KIV image viewer it is very easy to create a good looking collage pic of your favorite images.

Step 1. Open the program

When you download the program it comes as a zip file. Extract the content to a folder of your choosing. The desktop will be fine if you are just testing the program.

You must have write permissions in that folder, otherwise the config file cant write itself down.

Step 2. Click the config button

Config button for the KIV image viewer

The config button is at the right side of the window, and is slightly red/brown-ish. A configuration window will open.

Step 3. Click the Add button

A dialog will open which will allow you to select a directory to add to the list.

Once you have added a directory which contains images, the image viewer will randomly select an image to show.

NOTE: Press space to get a new random image.

Step 4. Use the split buttons

Splits the window vertically.
Splits the window horizontally

This will split the current windows straight down the middle. The second halve will be assigned another random image.

Step 5. Repeat

Repeat splitting up the windows until you are satisfied with the result. Then your collage pic is done.

Step 6. If you mess up

Just restart the program and start over.

NOTE: There is an undo function on the requested features list.

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