DAC generator

NOTE! The generator is one scroll down

You want a dirt-cheap-super-simple digital-to-analog-converter? Then this is the tool for you!

Enter the resistor values you have available and how many bit resolution you want your DAC to have, and hit the compute button. It will then search for the best possible combination of resistors.

The result comes in four parts.

  1. Score: This is the total deviation from a perfect DAC. You can only compare scores within the same amount of bits.
  2. Resistors: These are the resistor values you need for your DAC. Each resistor goes into a separate output (PD0/digital 0 and up). The other ends of the resistors all go to the same place, the output!
  3. Code: This is a demo sketch using your resistors. It will output a nice sine-wave for you.
  4. Graph: It shows a straight line like a perfect DAC would output and a not-so-straight line which your DAC will output.

Have fun!

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The actual generator

Available Resistor Values

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