Energy automation with Python – new project

I want to prevent as much electricity as possible from crossing the smart meter in either direction. And I am planning to use energy automation for this. It’s just regular home automation but focused on electricity usage.

Where to start?

Considering I have the following…

  • Hourly electricity prices (dynamic rates)
  • EV
  • E-boiler
  • Solar panels
  • Smart meter
  • Grid tied inverter
  • Computer stuff
  • Some technical know-how

The entire project will be driven by information. This is why I started on that aspect.

Smart meter P1 readout

The smart meter I have features a (kinda) serial connection. With a special USB cable this becomes a virtual COM port on the computer attached to it. With a Raspberry PI running a script, I was able to send the readings out to my website, which stores the data in a database.

Day ahead prices

When electricity prices are low, I should charge my car and heat up my boiler. For this I need to know the actual hourly prices of today, and maybe even tomorrow. The energy auction houses provide the day-ahead prices on their website. But only for human eyes. To get the data in an automated fashion I needed an automated web-browser.


This is THE automated web-browser. It allowed me to go to the auction website and just get the day-ahead prices without any trouble. The they are send to my website and also end up in the database.

Added bonus is that with all this information, I can see the actual live and historic cost of my power consumption way faster then my energy provider shows me. They have a two day delay for some reason.


Current status

The diagram below show you what I intend to build, what I already have or have made, and the parts that need to be build.

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