Home Energy Automation: Save money on electricity

With price-aware-switches you can use power when its cheapest. Like charge your car at night if you have flexible rates or night tariff, for example.

Charging your car at cheaper times can save money

A power-limiter on the other hand, can keep the electricity meter still for most of the day, if you have batteries or solar panels.

You need options, lots of them

Because no electric situation is the same, I am developing a range of generic solutions, both hard- and software, so you can create your own personal solution with them.

Open source and highly serviceable

With proper documentation, you can do your own installation, if you feel like it. And with that same documentation, and a well designed circuit board, most people will also be able to repair these devices themselves.

Current status: prototyping

I have two working prototypes with schematics and software. So if you like, you can start building yourselves. Otherwise you will have to wait for the finished product.