KIV image viewer

Watch multiple images at once, multi-screen, split-screen, collage, rotate/flip/zoom and remember, shuffle, slideshow and more with the “KIV image viewer”

Where other image viewer focus on managing and or editing your collection of photos, KIV has all its development focused on the viewing experience.

You can download the program here

“I am very happy with the first functional version of the image viewer I am making. Now that it is kind of stable, I intend to pause development and use the program as if I where a regular user. This will hopefully lead to me making my own feature requests and bug reports. Then in a few weeks, I will resume coding.”

Table of Contents


  • Slideshow
  • Vertical split screen
  • Horizontal split screen
  • Nested split screen
  • Zoom
  • Shift
  • Rotate
  • Flip horizontal
  • Fading Controls

Source code

This image viewer is open source, and the code can be found here.

Project name

KIV, which stands for “Krakkus image viewer”.


The main window of this program can be cut up into pieces to display multiple images, these will be called view-ports.


After adding a directory with images to the program, all the directories are recursively searched for image files. Upon starting the program, every five seconds, a new image is randomly selected. This happens independently for each view-port. The slideshow can be stopped and started by pressing the ‘p’ key while having the mouse over the target view-port.

Vertical and horizontal split screen

Horizontal split on the krakkus image viewer
Vertical split on the image viewer

The main window has two buttons for splitting it into two halves right down the middle. One for vertical and one for horizontal.

Create picture collage

Nested splits to organize the view-ports and create a picture collage

After splitting the screen into two halves. These new view-ports each have their own buttons for splitting the view-port again into two halves. This allows us to create a picture collage.


Zoom in on an image with the image viewer

Using the mouse-wheel on top of the target view-port you can zoom your image in or out.


You can shift images around with this image viewer

The arrow keys can be used to move the image around, this is especially useful after zooming in on an image.


Rotate your image until the angle is just right

Is something in an image not level with the horizon? And you want it to be? You can rotate your image around to have it just the way you like it.

Flip horizontal

Flip the image around to make it look fresh again

Images can be flipped horizontal. While in essence still being the same image, it does makes them look fresh again. Use the ‘h’ key while having the mouse over the viewport.

Fading controls

With many view-ports come many buttons, which may hinder the viewing experience. That why they will automatically fade away to become less noticeable.

Next image

The space-bar will load in the next image.

— the end —

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