Krakkus image viewer – new project

Watch multiple images at once, multi-screen, split-screen, collage, rotate/flip/zoom and remember, shuffle, slideshow and more with the “Krakkus image viewer”

Where other image viewer focus on managing and or editing your collection of photos, the Krakkus image viewer has all its development focused on the viewing experience.

Work in progress

This project is in very early stage of development, and there is a working version with basic functionality.


You can find the source code here and the zip with executable here.

Design your own layout

Most of us have enough screen space to watch more than one photo at the same time. Then why don’t we do so?

The photo viewer can split the view both vertical and horizontal

With the two split buttons at the top right you can easily split a bigger window into multiple smaller windows. Move over the viewing area to make the borders and button visible . The click either of the buttons to split the window into two.

The image viewer forming a collage

A you can see, with just a few clicks you divide a entire screen into a collage. And you can do this on multiple monitors as well.


Some images are better watched at an angle. This image viewer got you covered. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to adjust the viewing angle in any direction.

Rotate an image on the picture viewer

Configuring the image viewer

When you launch the image viewer and move your move over the viewing area to show the buttons, the left left button is marked “CFG”, which is short for config.

Here you can add or remove directories to the image viewer. It will search all these directories recursively for pictures, photo’s and images. When closed, all the viewing area receive the new list of images.

–to be continued–

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