DIY Passive House Project: Your Next Step in Energy-Saving Home Improvements

Let’s think green and invest in solar panels, using them to provide energy while reducing our carbon footprint. This choice used to be all we needed, and maybe it will be enough for some more time, but the world changes quickly. Tax benefits and payments for sending extra power back to the grid could disappear. So, what comes next? Should we add batteries to store our solar energy, add insulation? It’s tough to say where this will end exactly, but we have options!

The idea of ‘The Passive House’ pops up as a possible solution. It’s a house designed to be very energy efficient and comfortable at the same time. But the big question is, how do we reach this point? Is it possible for us to build a passive house without expert help? This is a question that needs answering as we strive to build a more sustainable future.

Most of the tech here is quite well documented on the internet, so I won’t go too deep into those. The second half of this article however we go more into solar batteries, smart switching and dynamic energy pricing. This is where a lot of experimenting is still going on, and I have some unique stuff to contribute myself.

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Why DIY?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions for installing a solar system can be a cost-effective way to make your home greener. It’s all about taking matters into your own hands and learning as you go. But, you might feel pressured by companies advertising their all-in solar installations for homes.

These companies create a big wall you can hardly see around, making it seem that buying their installation services is the only option available, and in a sense it may even be true. It’s very hard to find individual components here in my country. I often have to order in from abroad.

This is making green installations seem more expensive than it needs to be. At the end, it’s about saving money with DIY and resisting the pressure from companies selling complete, and often pricier, installations.

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