Serial readout of electricity meter

My solar installation was long overdue for an upgrade, and the roof of the shed they were on also needed some fixing. So I decided to start over. The shed now has a new roof and I expect the solar panels to be delivered in a week or so.


The last years have shown me that solar production alone will not be the future for us; batteries need to be involved somehow. This is exactly what I intend to do. This also means that I will need to know my real-time level of energy consumption and for that, I need to do a meter readout.


My meter happens to be a smart meter with a P1 serial connection, which spits out the real-time numbers every couple of seconds. This will work great for me.

Smart meter with P1 connection point

The other end of the cable has a USB connector with build in converter. On a computer it will show up as a serial port, which makes doing a readout super easy.

Raspberry Pi with attached serial to USB converter.

I installed a small package (I had never heard of, but ok) called tio and it worked like a charm.

tio /dev/ttyUSB0

And this resulted in the meter numbers being displayed in the terminal.

Raspberry Pi showing serial readout from smart electricity meter.

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